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Sheila and Monte Wymore are from Arizona and have been actively breeding and showing Affenpinschers since 2001. Prior to that time we were actively breeding/showing Dalmatians and still have connections to that breed from puppies we have sold. But we fell in love with Affens after showing one for a friend. We purchased our first show Affenpinscher in 1988, and have always had an Affen or two in the house since then. Our Affen litters are raised in the house, right in the middle of all the household activities so they grow up well-socialized. We are firm believers in health checking all our Affens, and our breeding stock will have been tested for hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, eye abnormalities, and heart health. We are active in the national Affenpinscher club as well as Affen rescue, and still maintain an active membership in the national Dalmatian club. AKC proudly supports dedicated and responsible breeders. We encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to ask the breeder. Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you’re getting it from the right individual.

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