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All puppies before going to their new homes will be Liver Shunt Tested, Microchip and enrolled in AKC Reunite along with age appropriate vaccinations. No puppy will go to their new home before 12 weeks of age. Liver Shunt testing the puppy prior to going to it's new home is the responsibility of the breeder. Make sure the breeder you choose LIVER SHUNT TESTS the puppies. Planned Breeding for November/December 2021 The Irish Wolfhound Club of America is responsible for determining the Official Breed Standard, the Irish Wolfhound Standard of Excellence. Check with the Irish Wolfhound Club of America for a Sanctioned / Licensed Club in your area. I breed for myself and I want a puppy that is bred to the highest possible standard – The Standard of Excellence Most breeders have a contract that you must agree to and sign when buying a puppy. The relationship between you the owner and me the breeder will be for the lifetime of the puppy. Puppies are living creatures and they are a product of both genetics and environment. It is for that reason I cannot guarantee nothing will ever go wrong with your puppy. What I can do is offer you a Warranty against certain health conditions and before breeding make sure the sire and dam are healthy. The Irish Wolfhound Club of America recommends the following health testing, Heart, Eyes, Hips and Elbows prior to breeding along with Liver Shunt Testing of the puppy before they go to their new home. My breeding philosophy (personal Code of Ethics) ensures I do everything I can to produce a healthy, emotionally sound and well-bred puppy. I will do everything in my power to minimize the risk of health and or behavioral problems through my knowledge of the parents and grandparents. I will provide you with all the breed education at my disposal. If it is something I am not familiar with rest assured I do know people who have many decades of knowledge and I will seek the answer for you and me. I cannot force you to feed your puppy a specific food, I cannot force you to attend puppy classes and I will not ask you to sign a contract saying that you will. I do hope however you want to do the best you can for your new puppy and I would hope you will always turn to me to discuss any and all concerns or questions you may have. Because I breed for myself, I do not breed indiscriminately, I do not breed for color, I breed always with the Irish Wolfhound Club of America Standard of Excellence in mind. I do not charge different prices for “rare” colors, (there are no rare colors in Irish Wolfhounds). I do not charge more for males or females, I do not charge more for AKC Limited versus Full Registration. My philosophy is clear, I breed to try and produce a dog that is an improvement of the sire and dam. I stand behind every dog I breed and I will for their entire lives. I will help you, I will support you and I will take back your dog at any point in its lifetime. I will not contribute to the problem of unwanted dogs. I am responsible for bringing this life into the world and I will remain responsible until the day he or she passes. It is a responsibility I take very seriously. Respectfully, Jeanie Pitzenberger #BoondocksIrishWolfhounds #Integritymorethanaword #AisA #YouCantMassProduceQuality