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Rhodesian Ridgeback

At West Kentucky Ridge these puppies and dogs, alike, are born to the most loving home any dog could ask for. Our dogs, live with us, eat with, travel with us, and work alongside our organic farm with us. We are a house hold of 7 and all our dogs and farm animals receive lots of love from our 14 hands each and multiple times a day. We live on 14 acres and our dogs are able to leave and exit anytime they want to. Their is a small creek, large pond and lots of land for our dogs to run, play and explore. We also have sheep, pigs, turkeys and chickens on our farm too. We don't rehome our dogs....they are our dogs forever. Our dogs are of amazing quality and we have come to realize it is our obligation to give knowledgeable people the place to come for a well bred dog with amazing disposition and conformation. Our sire has placed in conformation, and as time permits, we participate in conformation events with him. Our dame, has championship bloodlines. We are not a puppy mill....we love our puppies, dogs and farm animals and we do our best to do our part in preserving the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Please come and meet your next "once in a lifetime" furry buddy. You will not be disappointed.

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