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Finnish Lapphund

I have bred leonbergers for over 25 years and have sought out health and longevity in this wonderful breed. My leos perform well in conformation showing, performance sports, therapy and as cherished and beloved family members. Only the best homes are considered. Visit my webpage to learn more, please. I am diligent in keeping up to date with health advances and research in this breed, and my dogs are tested accordingly. All health information is available from me at any time. The majority of my buyers are back for their second, third and even fourth leonberger from me. I pride myself on an unlimited ungoing relationship with my puppy families. And any leonberger of mine, no matter the health or age or circumstances, has a forever home with me. For the past five years, I have been working on establishing myself as a breeder of another breed, smaller dogs but with the same great attitude, and attributes, of leonbergers. I waited 2 years for a canadian import from a top kennel there, pick of the itter, and the same to import a sire from Finland, pick of the litter. They grew and got championship and got health tested and now, this year, I have my first litter of Finnish Lapphunds. Lappies love people, especially kids, are family members, and like small animals and cats and usually other dogs. They are smart, clean and just great fun. Weighing between 37 to 50 pounds and easy keepers. Welcome to Lighthouse Lapphunds.

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