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** Young adults and puppies available from time to time, contact us for more info** We are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. All our whippets are raised in the house and a full member of our family. We go great extend to socialize our puppies/dogs and make sure they have an active lifestyle: we do things such as hikes, walks in cities, swims in the Bay, car rides, all kinds of training: we even do Search & Rescue with one of our girls!! When breeding whippets, we keep in mind most of our puppies will be family pet first, so temperament is one of our main priorities when we have to choose a stud dog for our females. We want the temperament to be playfull, confident, versatile, focussed to their owners. They should be able to be versatile and do all kinds of activities (lure coursing, racing, obedience, agility, flyball, etc). All our dogs are sold AKC registered, microchipped and with a written health guarantee. We are proud to say we offer lifetime support to every single puppy born in our house. Enjoy the visit to our web site!!

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