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Heuy is in need of a loving family. He will bond quickly to his family. He is currently on his vacci...

Robert Fisher - Fisher Family Farms

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Great Dane

Abbastan Great Danes , Breeder of Blue and Black Great Danes. We enjoy showing in confirmation and improving the breed, by selectively breeding blue and black AKC registered Great Danes. Our Danes are bred for confirmation, temperament and longevity. Health testing is very important this breed can be an amazing experience, if they are bred correctly. There is nothing nicer than having a Great Dane that is a beautiful representation of the breed. Please feel free to visit our website and check out our Dane family photos

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Great Dane

My husband and 3 children and I live near the coast of Maine happily with our two beautiful Danes. We fell in love with the breed due to their very sweet nature and how loving they are. Please be sure to do plenty of research on this breed because I want nothing more than my puppies to go to their forever home where they never have to worry about being given away. Danes are a large responsibility and require lots of love and should never be left alone for too long. I am always here to answer any questions please feel free to call or email me

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