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ALL of my breeding animals (Siberian Huskies, English Cream Golden Retrievers, and Miniature Horse Stallions) were all meticulously selected for temperament, health, purity of bloodlines (no interbreeding), and service animal capabilities. They all make excellent companions! When choosing a breeder, I also considered the environment in which they were raised. I selected breeders whose pups were born and kept indoors, with outdoor playtime and stimulating toys. I also looked for physical access to the dam at all times, with interaction with the sire as appropriate. Cleanliness of the living quarters of all dogs and puppies was very important to me. The type of exercise provided, whether or not any desensitization had already been done, if any potty-training efforts were already being made, the amount of human interaction, and the amount of interaction and exposure to littermates were also included in my selection of breeders. I also performed a health check myself before selecting any of my animals. I was very selective in my decisions. From the day I brought each pup home at 8 weeks, my dogs (and stallions) have received nothing but the best regarding food, supplements, water, and veterinary care. There have been numerous DNA clearances on the ancestry of both the dam and the sire. As for my current litter, all pups have had their first and second sets of shots, as well as all de-worming medications. They have been examined and cleared by my veterinarian twice now. All are in perfect health. Having said that, I still offer a 30-day health guarantee. If your veterinarian finds a genetic flaw in your puppy, you may return the puppy for full reimbursement. AKC, should you choose to register your pup (as both parents are), also offers a free veterinary exam for 30 days after taking your pup home. Call ahead to a veterinary office to see whether or not they accept such a certificate. These pups have literally been handled since birth. They continue to be handled daily, and they were weighed daily (with the exception of a few missed days) for the first two months. I still weigh them weekly, or bi-weekly, to make sure they remain well-nourished, and that they are growing normally. The pups are used to collars and leashes, and they have been desensitized to numerous stimuli; including very loud noises. They have also mastered potty-training using an Astroturf potty pan. When in the play area that contains the potty pan, they are now 99% consistent in using ONLY that area. The pups interact extremely well with other animals and people, and I am getting ready to start clicker training. They have been doing well with simple praise, though. As of yet, I have not incorporated treats into their training. They prefer attention and verbal praise. These Huskies come from Grand Champion/Champion bloodlines. The sire comes from a line of award-winning show dogs. The sire of these puppies is extremely strong. He is a bit larger than average but he is solid muscle. He is very calm and obedient. The dam is of average size, if not a bit petite. She is extremely fast and agile, and her level of endurance is incredible. She has a very strong personality, and she is quick to take the lead. She is also extremely intelligent and excellent at solving puzzles. Their pups have inherited an excellent combination of traits: strength, speed, endurance, agility, extremely high intelligence, excellent markings, and very good temperaments. They are all black and white with blue eyes. There are 2 females and 1 male available. After the purchase of a puppy, you will receive several puppy guides and record sheets for your convenience. I will also include some food for you to use while adapting them to whatever food you plan to feed them. You will also receive a small gift bag containing a toy, clicker, roll of waste bags, and a Kong with a treat. The cost of these VERY well bred (and now partially trained) puppies is $3,000 There is a $250 (non-refundable) deposit to hold the puppy of your choice for 7 calendar days. If you still want a puppy, the $250 will be applied toward the required 50% down payment. The remaining 50% is due at pick up. I do ask, because of all the scams, fake forms of payment, bounced checks, etc., that you pay in cash upon pick up. Deposits can be made via PayPal or Zelle. I am willing to negotiate the price with civil service/emergency service workers (EMS, police, firefighter), legally disabled individuals, or military service members.) Thank you for your service. I will allow breeding rights, at no additional charge, if I feel you will be responsible and respectful of the breeding process. Finally, if ever you cannot keep your pup, and you are unable to rehome it yourself, I ask that it be returned to me.