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We are a small hobby breeder dedicated to the health and preservation of the Spanish Water Dog, Pumi and Lagotto , Located in Salemburg, North Carolina. We are 30 minutes from Fayetteville and 60 minutes from Raleigh/Durham airports. We are a Breeder of Merit, which means we have proved the quality of our dogs many times. A recognized and dedicated breeder of merit, we are constantly reinvesting in our dogs. We have many champions, with exceptional structure, health and temper, to bring you the best possible family pet. Our puppies are heavily socialized and raised in our home. We perform early neuro stimulation as well as expose the puppies to tactile and auditory stimuli to bring you a calm, intelligent and laid back puppy. Learning to whelp puppies correctly, to net a solid temperaments, takes time, skill and knowledge that not all posess. We import new lines from Europe routinely to help diversify the gene pool and produce exceptional dogs. We only work with the most reputable breeders, with outstanding tempers and health clearances. We personally inspect every breeder we work with. This is critical, there are a lot of mills producing poor quality dogs in Europe. Facebook and other mediums can be deceiving. We personally inspect where our dogs are coming from so we can assure you, they from reputable and dedicated breeders. We focus our efforts on temperament first and foremost. We have a wonderful breeding program with a unique structured mentorship for all of our families. We want you and your pup to be successful, we guide you each step in your journey. We very carefully screen homes and match each family with a pup that will suit your lifestyle the best. We really get to know our families and take extra care to pinpoint the perfect pet to fit your home. We are happy to supply references and encourage your to follow our dogs online Our success speaks volumes. This is a long term, 10-15 year commitment. Picking the right breeder for you is your first step in your journey. It's important to understand, the AKC does not screen breeders listed on the marketplace. Anyone who registers AKC pedigreed dogs, is able to post an ad on the AKC marketplace. Please research carefully, there are a lot of poorly bred dogs being produced, particularly in hypoallergenic breeds. You should expect a wait from a good breeder. They sell out ahead of time most of the time. Anyone willing to assign a puppy at birth is not looking out for your best interest! No quality breeder, in any breed is EVER able to tell a dog's personality or the fit for a family at birth. Ever. Also, ask, how many times has this girl been bred? Has she been given a break? Females should not be bred into the ground with multiple litters back to back. We often get feedback that since a breeder is on the AKC marketplace, they must be safe, do a good job and are endorsed by the AKC. That simply is not true. AKC Breeders of merit have to earn titles by producing quality dogs and proving the quality at AKC events. In addition we agree that all applicable health testing is completed as well as every puppy is registered with the AKC. Buying a dog is anywhere from a 10-15 year commitment. Good breeders are protective of their babies and only want the best for them. They carefully screen homes for the right fit and place them based on temper first and foremost. Please, do not rush, do not migrate to the first person who says "you can have this one" because of it's aesthetics. You are setting yourself up for a difficult time if that dog does not fit your lifestyle and are supporting poor breeding practices. Ask for references! We have HUNDREDS of families that will be happy to speak with you. You can find additional information and an application for consideration on our website

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