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Tibetan Mastiff

Our puppies are raised “under foot” in “puppy culture method” as a part of our family so that we can be the best support system we can be for momma dog, in turn giving your future pup the best first life experiences possible. They start by whelping in the comfort of our bedroom and around 2 weeks old graduate to the living room where they are exposed to the concept of night and day, along with sounds of children playing, dishes clashing, sensory household items like vacuums, and of course lots and lots of play and cuddles. We are a horse farm where our dogs interact with all types of animals including cats, milk goats, and chickens as well as hop into the camper to attend dog shows all over the east coast for human and dog socializing. We aim for balance in all things with our dogs. We are advocates for 2 ancient giant breed dogs which are the sweet attentive English mastiff, and the beautiful and confident Tibetan Mastiff. You can visit our website at or email us at [email protected]