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Corrine Masell is from Nebraska and breeds Cane Corsos. AKC/ICCF registered Cane Corsos with showing and working ability. We are active in the AKC conformation show ring with AKC champions. We strive to raise healthy, temperament stable, working and showing puppies. Our dogs are OFA tested and Embark DNA cleared. My Corsos protect my home, livestock, and my family with a fierce loyalty. Puppies are placed into homes based off compatibility, temperament matching and overall needs of the prospective families. Puppies will not be sold on color, size or a single trait wanted by your family. Breeding rights are only reserved and sold to reputable and current show homes, all other puppies will be sold with a strict no breeding contract and a spay/neuter mandatory agreement. I highly encourage you to research the breed or have experience with this breed before moving forward to my puppy application. Limited availability on all litters due to high demand.

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