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A.J. & Kate Stewart proudly raise Weimaraners on their small family farm in rural New Hampshire. All 6 of our Weims live in our home with us and our small human. We also pasture-raise pork, chicken, beef, and occasionally turkey and vegetables for market which provides a steady supply of quality meat and produce to supplement our Weims' diet. If you are interested in a puppy please complete the pre-screening questionnaire here: We are unable to accept requests to text or activate communications with codes. We value our dogs' health and are happy to speak with you more about the testing we perform on our adult dogs. Our Weims have their hips x-rayed and rated and are in the process of transitioning from OFA testing to PennHip due to the superior data the PennHip Distraction Index provides. We use Mars Optimal Selection genetic testing to determine if there is a potential to pass on a heritable disease that can be identified through current DNA analysis methods. Here is the breakdown of what we do for each of our pups: 1ST VET TRIP, TAILS DOCKED, DEWCLAWS REMOVED: The first vet visit at Claremont Animal Hospital was scheduled as soon as the pups were born - tails will be docked and declaws will be removed. This is a standard practice for Weimaraners to prevent future broken tails and torn dewclaws since this is a hunting breed; it is also part of the AKC breed standard. AKC REGISTRATION ELIGIBILITY: The litter is registered with the AKC, so that new families may register their dogs if they so choose. We offer Limited Registration, but are willing to consider Full Registration for families who are interested in Showing and Field trials. To qualify for Full Registration, the puppy must have excellent conformation. We are willing to discuss requirements for Full Registration directly with families; most families opt for Limited Registration since their new puppy will be a valued family member and/or hunting companion, but not necessarily a competitor. REGISTERED MICROCHIP: Each puppy will have an AKC Reunite pre-registered microchip and the form to transfer the microchip registration to the new family's name and address. There is no yearly fee and no fee to change your address, even if you move multiple times. We chose this microchip because is is an ISO 11784 compliant microchip which means it is recognized by customs agents in many countries and we are mindful that many families travel North to Canada and take their dogs with them. This chip can be scanned by most scanners (with the exception of some older scanners). We have a scanner and, once a puppy is chosen by a family, we scan the puppy during visits to ensure there are no accidental "puppy swaps." WORMING: All of our Weims have been wormed as a regular preventative measure. Puppies are extremely susceptible to becoming hosts to worms and we monitor their bowel movements for worms and begin treating them as they transition onto puppy food as a preventative. We also take a fecal specimen to the vet to be checked at the time of their Health Certificate visit to confirm no worms are present in their systems. VACCINATIONS: We vaccinate around 6 weeks with a 5-way vaccine against canine distemper, canine hepatitis, adenovirus cough (kennel cough), parainfluenza, and parvovirus. Puppies require two boosters at 3-4 week intervals up through 16 weeks of age based on your individual vet's recommendations. PUPPY PACKET & HEALTH RECORD: We send each puppy home with a Health Record containing all of the details of worming, microchip information, vaccines (and the vaccine package or manufacturer and serial number information) and any other information we are able to provide to make the vision of the puppy's first 8 weeks of life more complete for use by new families and their vets. Vets will want a copy of this record for their files. HEALTH CERTIFICATE: Each puppy will have a NH Health Certificate issued by a vet in compliance with NH Law. PRELIMINARY TRAINING: Puppies will be started on potty training and basic commands. Some people argue that young puppies cannot learn at this early of an age; our experience is that they do start to learn and it's never too early to try. We expose puppies to other dogs, cats, livestock, children, loud noises and, of course, the outdoors. TO-GO CAREPACK: We send puppies home with a gallon bag of the large breed puppy dry food that they are currently eating, probiotics, sample treats and a toy to help them make the transition. LIFETIME OF SUPPORT AND FOLLOW-UP: We are in touch with all of our puppies families and enjoy regular updates and photos. We are always available as a resource - puppies are our family and we love them even after they head for their new family. We always welcome visitors here, occasionally dog-sit and like to visit with families to see how puppies are doing. If a family opts to pick a name ahead of time, we also call the puppy by their future name. There's probably something we have left out, but that's the basic sense of things. Please feel like you can call for a visit any time. We love and appreciate having visitors for the exposure it gives the pups. You can follow the puppies online at (you do not have to sign up for Facebook to see the page since it is public). When we have pups, we try to post photos and videos as often as possible. AKC Limited Registration $1900. We require a completed questionnaire and a deposit of half the total price to reserve a puppy with the final payment to be made on puppy pick-up day. We offer in-person pick-up only since we love to meet new families in person and want them to meet our dogs as well.

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