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I am a Breeder of Merit Bronze and am the owner of the 2020 PCA Silver Butterly Hall of Fame inductee for being the top winning female papillon for the year. I am easily verified as a legit Breeder in good standing with a simple google search where you can see my show entries, results and webpage. I have a rather large internet footprint and most PCA members should know of me. Despite the common misconception, Show breeders sell 99% of our puppies to pet homes because we breed our own show puppies and therefore there is minimal demand for show puppies. Backyard breeders and “Pet” breeders charge the same prices as show breeders, despite not breeding similar quality so you may as well insist on quality as well as good health. You can’t be truly passionate about the breed and not care about quality. Especially when the price is the same. I have a 7 day refund guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your new puppy for any reason, you can return them uninjured and unharmed within 7 days for a full refund. Beyond that, I have a lifetime replacement guarantee for genetic and congenital illnesses you’ll learn about in detail when you purchase a puppy from me. I do not take deposits and expect you to pick up the puppy in person or I can sometimes deliver for a fee but it is usually cheaper for you to travel to me. This way, if the puppy is not what you expected or you think it seems ill in anyway, you simply just don’t buy it. I do not sell puppies sight unseen. I do not keep a formal waiting list, my email inbox acts as my only waiting list and I require all approved buyers to keep in touch with me for regular availability updates and to let me know they are still interested. This way I can devote my time to my puppies instead of chasing buyers who are no longer interested. My veterinarians are Dr Nathen Wenner at Cielo Grande Vet Center in Roswell NM and Dr Larry Young at Artesia Animal Clinic in Artesia NM. My reproductive vet is Dr Donny McDougal and Dr Thompson at Los Lunas Animal Clinic. Breeders have the luxury of picking and choosing who we sell puppies to. Whether or not we pick you over a dozen other inquiries, depends on the information you give us. I require all communication in writing so if you or I forget what we’ve discussed, it is easy to look back and remind ourselves what was said and agreed to. Verbal communications cannot be proven in court, so you as the buyer should insist on having everything in writing as well.

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