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Prepaid AKC & Microchip, health contract, bag of food, treats and scent rag.

Lynda Wade

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I raised only one breed of dog, the Scottish Terrier both Wheaten ( blonde) and black Scotties. I live in central New Mexico. I have been raising Scottish Terriers since 1988. I have a large inside kennel with room for the puppies to play and sleep. I have outside enclosures for the dogs to play when the weather permits. I am easy to find La Luz is one the North end of Alamogordo in Central New Mexico 88337. My inside kennel is air-conditioned. The dogs come with liter registration and a one year Genetic Guarantee. Onw of my sire's name is Ziggy who has a AKC Grand champion in his pedigree.. Archie is one of my alternate sires. He has several champions in his linage. My prices are reasonable and the dogs are a high quality. Leave a message on my phone and I will answer your call as soon as possible. If I do not return your call leave a second message. Donna Mihaly of Scottish Terriers by Evarts. I usually have puppies available in the Summer and again in the Fall. My puppies are playful, sturdy, and loving. Call in the morning between 8:00 and 9:00 in the P, M. or the A.M I usually have the phone near me at that time of day. My phone number is 575-437-5589 . M y e-mail is [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in Scottish Terrier's by Evarts

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