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I am a second generation purebred dog enthusiast. Showing has been a life long dedication. As a handler I finished many AKC champions and campaigned quite a few national ranked and top twenty dogs. My husband then introduced me to Redbone Coonhounds in 2007 and so it began. We are devoted to supporting the great american tradition of Coonhounds. We as a family breed/show/hunt and raise our own dogs. While keeping correct breed type/health and hunting ability ontop of being incredible bed warmers loyal best friends. Having national ranked dogs is a very proud accomplishment of ours but, owning and being love by this exceptional breeding is icing on the cake. We are members of coonhound clubs which dedicate themselves to keeping the tradition alive. We also support youth and Jr showmanship. Please find us on Facebook at Darnobids Redbone Coonhounds