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6 months

Outstanding quality pups from GCH parentage available.

Polar Light Great Pyrenees

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8 months

Very friendly loves people! Will make an excellent Guardian or companion

Genoa Great Pyrenees

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Great Pyrenees

Persimmon Hills is a small home-based breeder specializing in dogs that bring long term joy and purpose for their forever families. We started with AKC Great Pyrenees as these wonderful Livestock Guardian Dogs are ideal for rural homesteads like ours. Our latest addition, AKC Portuguese Water Dogs raise the stakes with a more athletic pet that is still adorable and "hypo-allergenic". Our small scale allows us to relate with both the parents and the pups in a way that ensures that puppies will thrive in their new homes.In short, we strive to be the place we would want to find wonderful pups.

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