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My Lagotto Sire and Dam are from Imported breeding stock- from European Lagotto Romagnolo breeder "Fichtelhof" of Germany and Vicale of Italy. Litter of 1/27/2024 ready for pick up. Two puppy spots open and can be sold to the perfect families now. Lagottos are quite unknown in the USA, they are one of the ancient breeds going back to the Roman Era, 700 years of bloodlines. My dogs are Registered through Italy" ENCI/FCI" and now USA "AKC." They have been DNA tested medically "clear" from over 220+ medical issues. Some puppies are started in truffleing. Lagottos have become the "Official Truffle dog" of Italy and one of the BEST, Gentle, 30 pound Family Pet you will Ever find. Hypo-Allergenic too! A Curly wool, not the typical dog hair. Easy to upkeep. Holistically Raised and Schooled on my Organic Farm - Puppies are therefore of Top Quality in Health, and Highly Socialized. Lagotti are some of the top in the canine world of intelligence - This is one of the easiest dogs in the world to be trained if you have experience in other breeds of dog schooling. Any work that needs a delicate nose, or a water related sport / job can be done by the Lagotto. They are calm, playful, seldom bark but Are good watchdogs. - they look you in the eyes and bond easily when schooled with kindness. Such a joy to have with us - and to think this breed was almost lost & extinct just 45 years ago. They are making a comeback slowly in Europe & are a delight to everyone who meets them. Lagotti are a highly prized, very expensive, working/sporting dog - A loving family friend. Child friendly and Highly social with people and other animals. Non Aggressive, Hypo-Allergenic. In many European areas the Lagotto is one of the dogs used in Special Therapy Schools for traumatic situations. They are also routinely brought into the German retirement homes as therapy dogs for everyone. My wonderful Lagotti puppies are raised on 30 acres of paradise in our Oregon Forest Country farm. No Dog runs or cages needed here. At three weeks, puppies are supplemented with USDA restaurant grade, home cooked meals of Meats, Organic vegetables, Fresh goats milk from our organic farm and then introduced to the outside backyards - (hello "Mother Nature"). From 6 weeks onward we take daily walks in the forest (weather permitting) to let our little ones grow stronger and more balanced in body, mind and spirit. Puppies are weaned naturally by their Mothers when each is individually ready. (no trauma) My Farm has been called "A fun farm" and as such, are the personalities of our puppies. All are trusting, Highly Socialized and Healthy - always kept In strong body and muscled condition. We will have only 1 to 3 litters this year So, - Please call for availability, Reservations are required with a small deposit. I keep a "waiting list" for puppies so there is never over breeding. When puppies are available we try to match the personalities of each puppy with their new households sporting enjoyments or therapy needs. A fit for both sides is top priority. Give a call- I would love to share my knowledge with you. Ask how you can be added onto the list, which is now forming, for the next future litter of Lagottos. Newest litter ready for new homes - January 27, 2024 (541) 563 3006 ​ voice only or leave an e-mail message.

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