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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

We are a small, home-based breeding program. Our dogs are not just pets - they are family members. We do not breed often, and with a limited number of puppies available for placement, we are very serious about the quality of homes we will place our puppies in. We believe that our responsibility for every puppy we produce does not end until the dog passes, and therefore, encourage an ongoing relationship with our puppy homes. Our breeding program is devoted to improve the breed through selective breeding practices with the primary focus being on temperament. Our goal is to produce well-rounded GSMDs that make exceptional family members, are structurally sound and healthy, and conform to the breed standard. We have been involved in the breed here in the US since 2011, but had prior involvement wit the breed growing up in Germany. We are members of the Cascade Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club as well as the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, and show our dogs in conformation, rally, and obedience, and also do pack hikes and weight pull.

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