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Goldwynn Standard Schnauzers raises purpose bred Standard Schnauzers in southern Oregon. Responsibly bred puppies are an investment of time and resources and we strive to produce puppies that are sound in mind and body. We are very selective with the animals chosen to be a part of the Goldwynn breeding program and each must be proven to possess our ideal temperament and general good health. It’s extremely important that we do our best to produce long lived dogs with a great quality of life, even in their golden years. We're equally selective with the forever homes that acquire one of our cherished puppies and we work to match the perfect pup to it’s forever family based on temperament and long term goals. The pedigrees we are working with produce wonderful companion dogs; ideal performance competitors; and outstanding conformation prospects, available to experienced show homes. Due to the overwhelming interest in our anticipated litter we ask that interested homes visit our website to complete a questionnaire and email it to us at [email protected] we will then follow up with you as soon as possible. Prior to contacting us please note that puppies are picked up from our home, as we will not ship animals under any circumstances, for several reasons. You will find more info and links to educational and informative reading material on our website. Standard Schnauzers are a highly intelligent, highly driven working breed, not suited to every family or lifestyle. Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, your family and your longterm goals, but also that you acquire it from a responsible breeder.

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