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Lhasa Apso

Showing Lhasas Apsos and Tibetan Spaniels since 1990, my mom and I have enjoyed these 2 little breeds. We lost count with our bred by champions a couple of years ago with over 50 to our name. We are now joined by my daughter, who has expanded our sport to now include obedience, performance, dock diving, and scent dog titles. We have fun with our dogs who live in the house with us. We only breed when we need our next show dog and are always looking to improve the breed with each of our generations. I am a veterinarian, so this is a family hobby we all enjoy. We are not members of the parent clubs due to time restraints, but we do support our local clubs. Our dogs are pets first and athletes in their spare time. We live outside of Nashville Tennessee and enjoy all 4 seasons there.

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