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I have been working with animals “professionally” since I was 10, at which time I started a grooming and care business in my neighborhood in my home state of Alaska. I had aspirations to compete in obedience with dogs, but unfortunately my parents had an affinity for Siberian Huskies. It was a sad day indeed when I read the obedience requirements to earn a title and knew that my childhood dogs were not contenders! Even so, I showed them in Juniors conformation and spent many hours training and exercising them. Later, in high school, I turned my attention to competing in equestrian events with my horse Vangar, including dressage and show jumping. I moved to Europe to further my dressage career but ultimately decided that it was not my destiny. At age 21 I took my first step into canine SAR with my mixed-breed dog Solo, and have been involved in K9 SAR ever since. Since then I’ve trained and handled five SAR dogs in wilderness, avalanche, tracking, and USAR/urban (disaster), and am still an active validated SAR handler for an Urban SAR Task Force. I am very fortunate to be one of the very small handful of paid SAR dog handlers in the USA. I have a deep interest in improving the canine SAR profile by constantly assessing best practices, exploring training techniques, and examining myths and beliefs to determine their veracity. I obtained my first Malinois, Ruuska, as an avalanche dog prospect, and quickly became addicted to the breed and the possibilities it presented. SAR was barely going to scratch the surface of Ruuska’s capabilities, so I set out to learn dog sports. Since then, I’ve competed and titled my dogs in conformation (two of my dogs are Grand Champion conformation dogs and are owner-handled to boot!), competitive obedience, IGP, rally, and tracking. I turned my attention to Urban Search and Rescue (think FEMA disaster dogs), and in 2021 Ruuska achieved her national validation in USAR; she is now one of only 57 dogs in the USA to achieve that honor. After that, I started training my young male, Roy, as a Human Remains Detection dog in the USAR system – we hope to validate in spring of 2022. I have also become very interested and proficient in professional detection profiles including narcotics, accelerants, human remains, and explosives. Over the past year I endeavored to learn the sport of IGP with my Belgian import Quita. Quita and I recently earned our first IGP tracking title with a score of 96 (as well as her AKC TD title). Look for us at trials this fall as we go for our IGP1 and IGP2. On top of all that, I’ve become obsessed with bikejoring and skijoring. Bikejoring behind four Malinois is quite the thrill! I’ve dabbled in more traditional mushing but thus far four dogs is the most I’ve ever driven. I have immense respect for dog mushers; that is no easy sport! I became interested in breeding for a number of reasons, and with excitement I’m finally launching the breeding program I’ve spent five years planning. Of all the challenges ahead of me, I think saying goodbye to the puppies will be the hardest. I truly hope to find excellent, caring, engaged buyers for the little souls I am bringing into the world with this breeding program. In addition to dogs, I am a career emergency manager and business continuity expert, and have worked on projects in that field all over the world. I’m launching some research into the use of canines in disaster and emergency response, and hope to share my findings with you as I go. This is a new chapter in my life and I am happy to have you along for the ride.

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