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American Foxhound Breed Information

If a sweet tempered, affectionate, and easygoing dog that is somewhat independent sounds like the perfect four-legged friend for you, consider the American Foxhound. These athletic dogs make excellent companions for active individuals and families. However, they can be a little too intense for first-time pet parents. Want to find out more about American Foxhounds? Please keep reading. The following breed information will help you decide if an American Foxhound will fit with your lifestyle.

In terms of size, American Foxhounds are medium to large sized dogs, standing 21-25 inches tall and weighing around 60-70 pounds. The average lifespan of an American Foxhound is 11-13 years.

American Foxhounds are moderately playful and affectionate with family members. They are somewhat independent but very tolerant and patient with young kids. American Foxhounds get along famously well with other dogs.

An American Foxhound will not be overly aggressive or reserved with strangers but will maintain some aloofness and not be too friendly. These dogs make moderately good watchdogs. They can adjust somewhat to changing routines but are not highly adaptable. Apartment dwellers and first-time dog parents should consider other breeds. American Foxhounds tolerate both hot and cold weather very well.

It can be slightly challenging to train an American Foxhound, given that this breed is a little independent, even stubborn. A reward-based approach with gentle, but firm and consistent training exercises works best. American Foxhounds have high energy levels and moderate mental stimulation needs. They are great companions to people who love to go on long walks or hikes. Because they were bred to hunt animals, American Foxhounds have a very strong prey drive and must be kept on leash when outside. Prospective owners of an American Foxhound should know that this is a very vocal breed. You can expect to hear your American Foxhound’s baying bark very frequently.

The American Foxhound has a short, smooth coat that requires minimal grooming care, consisting of a quick brushing once a week and rare baths if the dog gets messy. The coat sheds quite a bit, however. American Foxhounds are not heavy droolers.

In summary, American Foxhounds are gentle and sweet natured dogs that make excellent playmates for children. However, these sleek, fast dogs were bred to hunt and have high exercise needs. Also, an American Foxhound’s loud bark can be a nuisance for some people.

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American Foxhound Breeders in 1 States

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