American Leopard Hound Breeders in 2 States

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American Leopard Hound Breed Information

The American Leopard Hound is a breed that originated in Mexico and was brought to North American by Spanish conquistadors. They are friendly, active, and intelligent dogs that make wonderful family pets. Please continue reading to learn more about this breed and know whether an American Leopard Hound would be a great addition to your family.

In terms of size, American Leopard Hounds are 21-27 inches tall and weigh 35-75 pounds. The average lifespan of an American Leopard Hound is 12-15 years.

American Leopard Hounds are playful and affectionate with family members but retain a streak of independence. They do very well with young children and are tolerant and patient playmates. American Leopard Hounds also get along very well with other dogs in the home and outside.

However, these dogs are inherently suspicious of strangers and tend to be aloof or reserved with people they don’t know. They make excellent watchdogs on account of this trait as well as their protective and vigilant nature. This is a versatile and adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in routine quite easily. American Leopard Hounds tolerate both hot and cold climates very well.

People who live in apartments should consider other breeds. First-time dog parents can consider the American Leopard Hound, which is a robust and sturdy breed, as long as they can meet the dog’s exercise requirements.

It can be slightly challenging to train an American Leopard Hound given that this dog can be independent, stubborn even. However, this is a smart dog that is eager to please and responds well to firm training methods from an experienced handler. Training is necessary to make the American Leopard Hound biddable as this breed has a strong prey drive.

American Leopard Hounds have high energy levels and are easily bored. They need a good amount of physical exercise every day and games and activities that keep them mentally stimulated. A long walk or play session in a fenced yard are ideal. Prospective owners of an American Leopard Hound should know that this dog is very vocal and barks a lot.

The American Leopard Hound has a short smooth coat that is low-maintenance and requires only a weekly brushing in terms of grooming care. The coat can shed a fair bit, however. This dog is not a heavy drooler.

All in all, American Leopard Hounds, also called Leopard Curs, are highly intelligent and active pooches that are loyal and protective towards family members. They have great stamina as they were bred to track prey for miles.

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American Leopard Hound Breeders in 2 States

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