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Australian Kelpie Breed Information

Originally bred to herd livestock in the wide open farmlands of Australia, the Australian Kelpie is a tireless working dog that makes an intelligent, devoted, and loving companion and family pet. If you’re not sure whether this breed will suit your lifestyle, please continue reading. The following important breed information on Australian Kelpies will help you decide.

In terms of size, Australian Kelpies are 17-20 inches high and weigh 35-50 pounds. The average lifespan of an Australian Kelpie is 10-13 years.

Australian Kelpies are quite playful and affectionate with family members but they aren’t lovey dovey and retain some independence. These dogs do reasonably well with young children and get along with other dogs in the home and outside. As with all breeds, early socialization around kids and other animals is key for a well-adjusted and well-behaved Australian Kelpie.

In terms of social behaviors, Australian Kelpies are neither overly suspicious nor overly friendly with strangers. They make very good watchdogs given their alert and protective nature. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in routine. However, an Australian Kelpie is not a good choice of dog breed for people who live in apartments as this dog needs lots of space to burn his or her boundless energy. Novice pet owners should also consider other breeds. This is a sensitive dog that does not tolerate being alone for long. Australian Kelpies are particularly well adapted to hot dry climates but can tolerate cold climates relatively well too.

It is fairly easy to train an Australian Kelpie, given that this dog is not only smart but also eager to please. Prospective owners of an Australian Kelpie should know that these dogs have very high energy levels and are easily bored. A long walk or run and training exercises and games are necessary to keep an Australian Kelpie happy and healthy. Australian Kelpies do not bark excessively and are not a very vocal breed. However, they can be quite mouthy and have a strong prey drive and wanderlust potential.

The Australian Kelpie has a short, smooth, double coat that is pretty much fuss-free in terms of grooming care and requires only a weekly brushing. However, the coat can shed moderately. Australian Kelpies are not heavy droolers.

Overall, Australian Kelpies are active, intelligent, loving and devoted companions that do best with energetic families and in homes where there is enough space to run around and explore.

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Australian Kelpie Breeders in 1 States

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