Azawakh Breeders in 2 States

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Azawakh Breed Information

Azawakhs are sleek and speedy hunting dogs that were originally developed in the Sahara Desert. They make wonderful family companions and are known for their affectionate, loyal, and protective nature. If you’re curious about Azawakhs and want to find out more about this breed, please keep reading. The following information will help you decide if an Azawakh will fit your lifestyle.

In terms of size, Azawakhs are medium sized dogs, standing 23-29 inches tall and weighing around 33-55 pounds. The average life expectancy of an Azawakh is 12-15 years.

Azawakhs are moderately playful and affectionate with family members, but retain some independence and are not lovey dovey. They are reasonably tolerant and patient with young children and can get along with other dogs provided there is early socialization around other animals and children in a variety of settings when the dog is a puppy.

Azawakhs are reserved with strangers and remain aloof with people they don’t know. These dogs make moderately good watchdogs. They can adjust to some changes in routine, but are not highly adaptable. This breed can adjust to apartment living quite well. However, the high exercise needs and intensity of an Azawakh may be too much for first-time dog parents. Azawakhs have a very strong prey drive and must be kept on leash when outside.

It can be challenging to train an Azawakh, given that this breed is fiercely independent by nature. Azawakhs have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Given that they are sprinters, Azawakhs make great companions to runners and bikers. A large fenced yard where the Azawakh can run full out also works well in terms of exercise needs. But these dogs need human or canine company to work off their energy. Left alone in a yard, an Azawakh will likely not get active. Azawakhs don’t bark much at all.

The Azawakh’s short smooth coat requires minimal grooming care consisting of a weekly brushing. The coat does not shed excessively. These dogs do not have a strong odor and don’t need frequent baths either. Azawakhs are not heavy droolers.

In summary, Azawakhs are fast-moving sighthounds from West Africa with a lean body and keen vision. This is a tough, robust breed that is built for hot climates, having originated in the scorching Sahara.

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Azawakh Breeders in 2 States

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