Bearded Collie Breeders in 3 States

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Bearded Collie Breed Information

If you want an intelligent, alert, and attractive looking dog that is sociable and good with kids, consider the Bearded Collie. Originally bred in Scotland to herd cattle and sheep, this is a sturdy all-weather dog that can handle rough terrain. But the Bearded Collie is not just a farmer’s sheepdog. This is also an excellent choice for people who want a loving and energetic canine companion.

If you’re not sure whether a Bearded Collie is right for your family and lifestyle, read on. The following important Bearded Collie breed information will help you decide.

Bearded Collies are medium-sized dogs, standing 20-22 inches tall and weighing 45-55 pounds. The average lifespan of a Bearded Collie is 12-14 years.

In terms of family life and personality, Bearded Collies are very affectionate with family members and extremely playful and upbeat. They make wonderful playmates for kids and get along famously well with other dogs.

A Bearded Collie will be quite open to strangers but can still be a reasonably good watchdog. This breed adapts well to changes in routine and can do well with a busy family. A Bearded Collie is a reasonably good choice for novice pet owners. This dog can adapt to apartment living provided you can meet the outdoor exercise needs. Bearded Collies are all-weather dogs and can adapt to both hot and cold climates.

It takes some patience to train a Bearded Collie as they can be willful and easily bored, but given that this is a working dog breed, these dogs are very trainable. Positive reinforcement and fun training activities can help make a Bearded Collie more responsive to training.

Prospective owners of Bearded Collies should be aware that they have high energy levels and need to stay busy. This is an energetic, athletic, boisterous breed that needs plenty of outdoor activity on a daily basis. Another thing to keep in mind is that Bearded Collies are very vocal and bark quite a lot.

Bearded Collies have a long silky or shaggy coat that requires daily brushings to stay tangle-free. A weekly spray of anti-tangle product and a brushing with a pin rake or comb is also needed. The coat sheds quite a bit. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

In summary, Bearded Collies are droving or herding dogs from Scotland that loosely resemble Old English Sheepdogs. They have a charismatic personality and dreamy expressions. Bearded Collies are ideal for outdoorsy families that want a hardy, exuberant, bouncy, loyal pet.

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Bearded Collie Breeders in 3 States