Berger Picard Breeders in 6 States

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Berger Picard Breed Information

Berger Picards are French sheepdogs. They are also called Picardy Shepherds. These are loyal, alert, and amiable canine companions that are intelligent and trainable. If you are not sure whether a Berger Picard would be a good choice of breed for your family and lifestyle, please read on. The following breed information on Berger Picards will help you decide.

In terms of size, Berger Picards, which belong to the AKC’s Herding Group, are medium sized dogs, standing 21-26 inches tall and weighing approximately 50-70 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Berger Picard is 12-13 years.

Berger Picards are not lovey-dovey but do show reasonable affection towards family members. They can be playful on occasion. A Berger Picard can be tolerant and patient with young kids and get along with other dogs provided he or she receives early and appropriate socialization as a puppy.

Berger Picards are not very aggressive towards strangers but they do have a protective instinct and are vigilant by nature, which makes them very good guard dogs. This is a moderately adaptable breed that can adjust to some changes in routine. A Berger Picard can adapt to apartment living provide his or her exercise needs are met. This is quite a good choice for first-time pet parents. However, keep in mind that Berger Picards are very sensitive and need human company to thrive. These dogs can tolerate cold weather better than hot weather.

Because the Berger Picard is intelligent and eager to please, this dog can be trained fairly easily with a reward-based approach. However, training requires patience given this dog’s stubborn streak.

Prospective owners of Berger Picards should know that these dogs have high energy levels and are very easily bored. They are athletic and active with tons of stamina and need a positive way to burn this energy. A long walk or hike every day in the company of his or her humans keeps this dog happy and healthy. A game of fetch or a swim are also good ways to burn energy. This breed does not bark much.

The Berger Picard has a medium length, wiry, waterproof coat that requires only a monthly brushing, except during shedding season when upping the grooming frequency to 3-4 brushings a week can help keep shedding to a minimum. This breed is not a heavy drooler.

All in all, Berger Picards are heavy boned, sturdy working dogs that have characteristic erect ears and a shaggy or wavy coat. The prominent eyebrows, moustache, and beard give the Berger Picard a serious expression. This is an energetic and eager dog that fits in well with active families.

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Berger Picard Breeders in 6 States