Border Terrier Breeders in 7 States

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Border Terrier Breed Information

Originally bred as a fox hunter’s companion to drive foxes out of their holes, the Border Terrier is now adored as a loving and affectionate family pet and companion.

If you are considering bringing home a Border Terrier puppy, here’s some important breed information you should know.

Belonging to the AKC’s Terrier Group, the Border Terrier is a small sized dog, standing 12-15 inches tall and weighing 11-15 pounds. The average lifespan of a Border Terrier is 12-15 years.

This is a dog that’s very affectionate and playful with family members and does very well with young kids in the family. A Border Terrier can get along with other dogs provided he or she receives early socialization and training as a puppy.

While quite open to strangers and playful in nature, Border Terriers have a protective instinct and make reasonably good watchdogs.

This breed is quite adaptable to changes in schedule, etc., and can adjust to life with a busy family.

Border Terriers are easy to train and have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. A daily play session in the yard or a walk around the block is usually sufficient. This is a mouthy breed, and a bored Border Terrier will chew things around the house. They are not excessively vocal but will bark on occasion. Border Terriers have strong prey instincts and cannot resist chasing a squirrel or cat, so they must be kept on leash or in a fenced yard. The fence must extend sufficiently underground because Border Terriers are diggers.

In terms of grooming care, Border Terriers have a short wiry coat that needs only an occasional brushing every couple of weeks. The coat does not shed very much except seasonally. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

All in all, Border Terriers are no-frills, low-maintenance, alert, good tempered dogs that are happy, loving, and courageous. They can adapt to both town and country life. Border Terriers make great companions for adults and playmates for children.

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Border Terrier Breeders in 7 States