Boxer Breeders in 46 States

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Boxer Breed Information

Boxers are intelligent, active, fun-loving dogs that are quite affectionate with family, excellent with young children and do reasonably well with other dogs in the household. Indeed, a Boxer brings a lot of joy to the family with his affection and loyalty, not to mention turning heads when out and about due to the striking good looks and rippling muscles that are a characteristic of this breed. The wrinkled forehead and curious eyes make Boxers absolute adorable. This breed is naturally athletic and playful and does really well with active children.

A male Boxer can stand up to 25 inches in height while females tend to be slightly smaller at around 21-23 inches. The average weight for this breed ranges from 65-80 pounds for males and 50-65 pounds for females. Boxers have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. Standard colors are fawn, white, and brindle with white, fawn, black, and brindle markings.

A great thing about Boxers is that the shiny, smooth coat requires very little care. A good brushing a couple of times a week is typically all that your Boxer will need to keep her coat clean and healthy. In addition, your Boxer will need daily teeth brushing and monthly nail trimmings.

In terms of exercise requirements for Boxers, this is a high-energy breed that’s active by nature. So, you’ll need to give your Boxer plenty of exercise every day. Boxers love to jump (not surprising, given their heritage as wild game chasers), so you might find yourself constantly repeating the stay down command. Given this, Boxers are generally not manageable by frail adults or small children.

Training Boxer puppies is vital if you want a well-behaved adult. This is a highly intelligent breed that easily becomes bored with repetitive activities, so you’ll have to think of new ways to keep them engaged. While Boxers enjoy the company of the opposite sex, they are not always tolerant of other dogs of the same sex.

Boxer Breeders in 46 States