Bull Terrier Breeders in 23 States

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Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

Originally developed as a fighting dog and later popular as a gentleman’s companion, the Bull Terrier dog breed traces its history to the 19th century. In modern times, Bull Terriers are wonderful family pets and show dogs. If you are looking for Bull Terrier puppies for sale, here’s some important information for you.

Bull Terriers are charming, mischievous, and playful by nature, which makes them wonderful companions and pets. They are affectionate with family members and do well with young children provided they receive early socialization. However, Bull Terriers do not have the best canine social skills, so that’s something to keep in mind if you already have one or more dogs and want to introduce a Bull Terrier puppy into your household.

In terms of size, these dogs are 21-22 inches tall on average and weigh around 50-70 pounds. The average lifespan of a Bull Terrier is 12-13 years. Bull Terriers adapt well to apartment living and are a reasonably good choice for novice pet owners. They are sensitive, however, and do not tolerate being alone for long periods.

Bull Terriers are friendly towards strangers but can still be reasonably good watchdogs. They are quite adaptable and can adjust to changing schedules, noise levels, activity levels, etc. A Bull Terrier can tolerate a hot climate but is less adaptable to cold climates.

It is relatively easy to train a Bull Terrier but it does require some patience and gentle but firm guidance because this is not a breed that is overly eager to please. Prospective owners should keep in mind that Bull Terriers have moderate to high energy levels and mental stimulation needs, so you need to make the time commitment to include these activities in your Bull Terrier’s daily schedule.

Grooming is mostly fuss free for the Bull Terrier’s short smooth coat and it requires a weekly brushing at most. These dogs are moderate to high shedders and low droolers.

All in all, Bull Terriers are a muscular breed that thrives on regular exercise, mental stimulation, and lots of bonding with its owner. The hallmark egg-shaped head and erect ears give these dogs a characteristic and easily recognizable appearance.

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Bull Terrier Breeders in 23 States