Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breeders in 3 States

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed Information

Devoted, loyal, powerful, courageous, and kind… these are just some of the adjectives that describe a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Bred to guard livestock in the punishing terrain of the Caucasus Mountains, this is a large dog that is territorial and fearless. If you want to find out more about Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, please keep reading. The following dog breed information will help you decide if a Caucasian Shepherd Dog is the right choice for your family.

In terms of size, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are massive, standing 23-30 inches tall and weighing a whopping 99-170 pounds. The average lifespan of a Caucasian Shepherd Dog is 10-12 years.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not very playful and only moderately affectionate with family members. They can do reasonably well with young children if properly socialized. However, given the size of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, this animal should always be supervised around very small children. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not the most social breed in the canine world and do not get along particularly well with other dogs in the home and in public. They are territorial and fearless and do not back down when challenged by another animal.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs tend to be quite aloof and reserved with strangers. They are inherently protective by nature and highly vigilant and therefore make excellent watchdogs. This is a moderately adaptable breed that can adjust to some changes in routine. However, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not a good choice of dog breed for people who live in apartments or first-time pet parents. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs tolerate cold weather extremely well but are not very tolerant of hot weather.

It can be slightly challenging to train a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, given that this dog is independent minded. However, they are intelligent and respond well to a firm and experienced trainer. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can be very mouthy and training is essential to keep this trait in check.

This breed has moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. A daily walk or play session in the yard will ensure that your Caucasian Shepherd Dog expends energy and remains calm and mellow inside the home. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have great endurance and make good companions for hikers. It is important to keep a Caucasian Shepherd Dog on leash or in a fenced yard when outside, as these are powerful dogs that can be somewhat stubborn and unbiddable when confronted. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs do not bark excessively.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog’s double coat requires daily brushing in terms of grooming care for the long-coated variety and 2-3 brushings a week for the medium length coat. The coat sheds profusely. Also, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are heavy droolers.

Overall, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a powerful, confident, and fearless guardian dog that is soft and kind at heart. If you want to bring home a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, check out listings of reputable breeders on Puppy Hero. We personally verify all breeders to make it easier for you to pick out a healthy, happy puppy.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breeders in 3 States