Dogo Argentino Breeders in 14 States

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Dogo Argentino Breed Information

Also called Argentinian Mastiffs, Dogo Argentinos are brave, athletic, loyal hunters’ companions with a strong independent streak and a fiercely protective nature.

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Standing 24-26 inches tall on average and weighing 80-100 pounds, Dogo Argentinos are large dogs that need an experienced person to handle them. This is not a breed for first-time pet owners. Also, given the size and high exercise needs, this breed is not suitable for apartment dwellers. The average lifespan of a Dogo Argentino is 9-15 years.

In terms of personality and family life, Dogo Argentinos are very affectionate with family members and do reasonably well with young kids and other dogs provided they receive proper early socialization and training. However, given their large size, young children should always be supervised when around a Dogo Argentino.

While quite open to strangers and very playful, Dogo Argentinos have a very strong protective instinct and make excellent watchdogs. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in schedule quite well and adapts well to hot weather.

Dogo Argentinos are eager to please and can be trained to be biddable. They have very high energy levels and moderate mental stimulation needs, so prospective owners should be willing to commit the time and energy to give these dogs plenty of daily physical exercise. These dogs need long walks several times a day or long play sessions in a fenced yard. They are great companions for people who like to hike or swim. Dogo Argentinos have a moderate barking tendency and a high prey drive.

The Dogo Argentino’s short smooth coat is low maintenance and requires only weekly brushings. However, the coat sheds quite a bit. These dogs also drool a fair amount.

All in all, Dogo Argentinos are intelligent, alert, powerful, and muscular dogs that were bred as pack-hunting dogs for big game. They make good companions and family pets for active families, but need experienced handlers given their large size and care needs.

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Dogo Argentino Breeders in 14 States