Dutch Shepherd Breeders in 10 States

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Dutch Shepherd Breed Information

Originally bred as versatile farm workers and herders in The Netherlands, Dutch Shepherds today serve as service animals, police and military dogs, and family pets. If you want to find out more about this European working dog breed, please keep reading. The following breed information on Dutch Shepherds will help you decide if this dog would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

In terms of size, Dutch Shepherds are medium-sized dogs, standing 21-25 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 42 to 75 pounds. The average lifespan of a Dutch Shepherd is 11-14 years.

Socially, Dutch Shepherds are very playful and extremely affectionate with family members. These dogs are reasonably tolerant and patient with young kids. They can get along with other dogs in the home and in public provided there is appropriate socialization as puppies.

While not overly friendly, Dutch Shepherds are not aggressive with strangers. They make excellent watchdogs given their vigilant nature and protective instincts. This is a highly adaptable breed that can adjust to constant changes in routine, such as with a large, busy family. This is a reasonably good choice of breed for people who live in apartments. However, a Dutch Shepherd does not like to be left alone at home. Novice pet owners can consider a Dutch Shepherd. These dogs tolerate both cold and hot weather very well.

One of the key characteristics of a Dutch Shepherd is that this dog is highly trainable given that it is intelligent and eager to please. However, training requires patience and a firm hand because Dutch Shepherds can have an independent and somewhat stubborn nature. Short training sessions with a variety of exercises and activities usually work best.

Prospective owners of a Dutch Shepherd should know that this is an active, athletic breed with very high energy levels and mental stimulation needs. This is a dog that enjoys interactive play with its owners. Dutch Shepherds have boundless energy and need a positive outlet for this energy to stay happy and healthy. A Dutch Shepherd will bark to alert you of visitors but this is not a very vocal breed otherwise.

The Dutch Shepherd has a double coat that requires grooming care based on the length. Short coats require only occasional brushings, with daily brushings during shedding season. Longer-haired Dutch Shepherds require weekly brushings. The rough haired variety needs hand stripping two times a year. The coat can shed a fair bit. These dogs are not heavy droolers but may drool on occasion.

Overall, Dutch Shepherds are lively companions that make wonderfully loyal companions. They have great stamina and are particularly well suited to individuals and families that like to stay active.

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Dutch Shepherd Breeders in 10 States