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English Foxhound Breed Information

Originally bred to hunt foxes in packs, today the English Foxhound is beloved as a gentle, social, and loyal family pet. If you want to know more about this breed before deciding whether an English Foxhound will be a good fit for your lifestyle, please read on.

In terms of size, English Foxhounds are medium sized dogs, standing around 24 inches tall and weighing 60-75 pounds. The average life expectancy of an English Foxhound is 10-13 years.

English Foxhounds are very playful and extremely affectionate with family members. They are patient and tolerant of young kids and get along famously well with other dogs.

A typical English Foxhound will be very friendly with strangers but can still make a decent watchdog, given the propensity to bark. This is a very adaptable breed that can adjust to the changing routines of a busy family. However, it is not a good choice of dog breed for apartment dwellers or novice pet owners. English Foxhounds tolerate both hot and cold weather provided it is not extremes of temperature.  

It is fairly easy to train an English Foxhound. These dogs are intelligent and eager to please and respond well to a reward-based approach. Prospective owners of English Foxhounds should know that they are active and energetic dogs that are easily bored. Ideally, these dogs need a large fenced yard or extensive acreage where they let off steam on a daily basis. This ensures that the English Foxhound is relaxed and mellow at home. They are scent hounds and need to be kept on leash when outside because they are hardwired to chase any interesting scent and therefore prone to wanderlust. Another thing to keep in mind is that English Foxhounds are very vocal and do not hesitate to bark at the slightest provocation.

The English Foxhound’s short double coat requires minimal grooming care consisting of a weekly brushing and occasional bath. The coat can shed a fair amount. An English Foxhound may drool on occasion but not excessively so.

Overall, English Foxhounds are agile hunting dogs with great stamina and speed. They are a robust breed with a gentle and sociable nature and make wonderful family companions for people who can meet their exercise needs.

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English Foxhound Breeders in 1 States

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