Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breeders in 4 States

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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Information

Belonging to the AKC’s Herding Group, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a independent spirited, smart, loyal, and alert dog that makes a wonderfully affectionate and loving family pet.

If you want to find out more about this breed before deciding if an Entlebucher (ent-leh-booh-cur) Mountain Dog is right for your family, please continue reading.

In terms of size, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are medium sized dogs, standing 16-21 inches tall and weighing 40-65 pounds. The average lifespan of an Entlebucher Mountain Dog is 11-13 years.

Personality wise, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are highly affectionate with family members and quite playful too. These dogs do moderately well with young kids provided they receive early socialization around children. As with all breeds, and given their high energy levels, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs should be supervised around young children. Entles are friendly towards other canines and get along very well with other dogs.

An Entlebucher Mountain Dog is neither overly aggressive nor overly friendly towards strangers. This dog will bark to alert you to visitors and has a highly vigilant and protective nature. For this reason, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs make excellent watchdogs.

This is a very adaptable breed that can do well with a busy family and a constantly changing routine. However, this is not a breed for apartment dwellers given the high energy levels. Also, first-time pet parents should avoid this breed because Entlebucher Mountain Dogs can be a little too self-confident and strong for inexperienced owners. An Entlebucher Mountain Dog can tolerate cold weather very well but hot weather not so much.

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are smart and quick learners, so they can be trained with a gentle, firm, and consistent approach. It’s important to include a variety of training exercises to keep them from getting bored.

This breed has very high energy levels and gets easily bored, as noted. They are working dogs that need a job to do. Therefore, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs make excellent companions for active individuals who like to hike, bike, run, etc. Channeling the energy in a positive way is necessary to ensure a happy, healthy Entlebucher Mountain Dog that does not get into trouble or develop undesirable behaviors. An hour of vigorous activity is the order of the day with this breed. Also, prospective owners of Entlebucher Mountain Dogs should know that they can bark quite a lot.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog’s short smooth coat requires minimal effort in terms of grooming but can shed quite a bit. These dogs will drool on occasion but are not heavy droolers.

In summary, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are sturdy, muscular, working dogs that were bred to herd cattle. They have a friendly face and a striking looking coat and are admired for their boundless energy and zesty nature.

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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breeders in 4 States