German Shepherd Breeders in 7 States

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German Shepherd - A Confident and Brave Dog

German Shepherds are some of the most popular dogs in the US and worldwide. This confident, intelligent, and brave breed is medium to large sized with the males averaging 24-26 inches in height and the females 22-24 inches. The average weight of a German Shepherd is anywhere from 50-90 pounds and the dogs have graceful curves that are pleasing to the eye. Life expectancy for German Shepherds is 7-10 years. Standard colors are black, cream, red, tan, silver, gray, sable, liver, white and combinations of these colors.

German Shepherds are affectionate dogs that do well with young children. However, they may not adapt well to other dogs in the family. Also, some people find there is a certain element of aloofness to German Shepherds and they don’t make friends indiscriminately.

This is an agile, muscular breed that is a hard worker. German Shepherds tend to have a steady disposition and are confident and courageous. They can run fast and are easily trainable to follow commands.

In terms of grooming, German Shepherds have a double coat that is medium length. It is easy to maintain for the most part but does require a quick brushing a couple of times a week. German Shepherds have two periods of intense shedding every year and need more frequent brushings at this time. Nails tend to get worn down naturally but may need to be trimmed. You’ll only need to give your German Shepherd an occasional bath.

Keep in mind that the German Shepherd is an active, athletic dog who needs a great deal of exercise to stay healthy. This breed does very well in canine activities like agility training, dock diving, and herding, which are also great ways to exercise.

German Shepherd Breeders in 7 States