German Spitz Breeders in 1 States

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German Spitz Breed Information

If you’re looking for an intelligent, loyal, and active dog as a pet, consider the German Spitz, which is one of the oldest breeds that originated in Europe. German Spitz come in three sizes – toy which is 8-12 inches and 10-11 pounds, medium which is 12-16 inches and 15-25 pounds, and large which is 16-20 inches and 30-50 pounds. The average lifespan of a German Spitz is 13-15 years.

While very playful, German Spitz are independent dogs that are not overly affectionate or lovey-dovey with family members. They do reasonably well with young children and get along well with other dogs. Appropriate socialization in a variety of settings is key, as with all breeds.

A German Spitz tends to be very reserved and cautious around strangers. These dogs make good watchdogs given this inherent distrust of strangers. German Spitz are somewhat adaptable to changes in routine. This is a very good choice of dog breed for apartment dwellers. Novice pet parents should consider other breeds, however. German Spitz adapt to cold weather quite well, but don’t do so great in very hot weather. They can be quite mouthy, and training is necessary to ensure a German Spitz does not chew and destroy stuff around the house. German Spitz have a strong prey drive and must be trained to be biddable.

The good news is that German Spitz dogs are highly trainable. They are incredibly smart and eager to please and therefore fairly easy to train. In terms of energy levels, German Spitz are neither couch potatoes nor very high energy canines. However, prospective owners should know that German Spitz are very easily bored and need a job to do. A bored German Spitz can easily become destructive. A fenced yard where a German Spitz can play or a walk around the block should suffice in terms of physical exercise. Even indoor walks in the hallways are enough in inclement weather. Activities like ball chasing and hide and seek keep a German Spitz happy and mentally stimulated. Prospective owners should be aware that German Spitz are very vocal and you can expect this dog to bark at just about anything and anyone. Training can help make a German Spitz less noisy.

The German Spitz has a luxurious double coat which requires daily brushing in terms of grooming care. The coat sheds profusely during shedding season twice a year but minimally at other times. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

Overall, the German Spitz is a robust breed that is long lived and can adapt to many different lifestyles. This foxy looking dog has a beautiful coat, alert eyes, perky ears, and a cheeky expression.

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German Spitz Breeders in 1 States

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