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Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

A working dog that is intelligent, trainable, loyal, and brave – that’s the Giant Schnauzer for you in a nutshell. If you’re looking for Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale nearby, keep reading to learn more about this breed. This important information about Giant Schnauzers will help you decide if this is the right breed for your family and lifestyle.

Giant Schnauzers originated in Germany where they were bred to drive cattle, work in butchers’ shops, and act as guard dogs. This is a muscular, high-energy breed that needs plenty of space.

In general, Giant Schnauzers do well with families that have a large yard where they can burn some of their explosive energy. This is not a breed for apartment dwellers. Also, novice pet owners should steer clear of this breed as it has specific training, exercise, and attention needs.

In terms of average size, the Giant Schnauzer is a large dog that stands 23-27 inches tall and weighs 55-85 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Giant Schnauzer is 12-15 years.

Giant Schnauzers are very affectionate and playful with family members and do reasonably well with young kids and other dogs. They are moderately open to strangers but make excellent guard dogs due to their vigilant nature. This breed is quite adaptable, but given its size, it is not suitable for families that live in apartments.

A Giant Schnauzer is a very high-energy dog that requires plenty of physical activity on a daily basis as well as mental stimulation (these are working dogs, remember). Daily long walks and play sessions in the yard are the order of the day. Giants are great companions for active individuals and families that like to hike, bike, swim, run, and ski.

Experienced pet owners will find that Giant Schnauzers are easy to train as they are intelligent and eager to please. However, these dogs need lots of attention from their owners and do not do well if left to themselves.

The Giant Schnauzer’s medium-length wiry double coat requires weekly brushings. The coat also needs to be stripped or clipped at regular intervals to keep it healthy. These dogs are moderate to high shedders and low to moderate droolers.

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Giant Schnauzer Breeders in 24 States


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