Glen Of Imaal Terrier Breeders in 3 States

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Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Information

If you are looking for a sturdy, independent dog that is a loving and affectionate companion, consider the Glen of Imaal Terrier. Originally bred in a remote part of Ireland as a skilled hunter, this breed is now beloved as a bold and high spirited yet gentle canine companion. Interested in bringing home a Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy? Read on for some important breed information.

In terms of size, Glen of Imaal Terriers are small to medium sized dogs, standing 12-14 inches tall and weighing around 32-40 pounds. This is a long-lived breed and the average lifespan of a Glen of Imaal Terrier is 10-15 years.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are quite playful and extremely affectionate with family members. They do reasonably well with young children and other dogs. Early socialization is key, as with all breeds, to ensure that a Glen of Imaal Terrier is well-behaved, patient, and tolerant with children and other animals.

In terms of openness to strangers, Glen of Imaal Terriers are neither too friendly nor overly reserved. They make moderately good watchdogs. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changing routines. While a Glen of Imaal Terrier can adapt quite well to apartment living, this is not a great choice of breed for first-time pet parents.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are not overly eager to please but are not extremely strong willed either. They are smart and responsive and can be trained with a reward-based approach and gentle, but firm training. Short training sessions of 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day work best for this breed.

In terms of exercise needs, Glen of Imaal Terriers have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Given that this is a low-strung breed with short legs, exercise sessions should be kept short and not overly strenuous. Also, these dogs should be trained to avoid jumping off stairs and couches, etc., as this can lead to injuries. A Glen of Imaal Terrier will bark on occasion but not excessively so. Glen of Imaal Terriers have a very strong prey drive and must be kept on leash or in a fenced yard when outside. They’ll also dig up your flower beds given half a chance.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier’s medium length, wiry, weather-resistant coat requires a weekly brushing in terms of grooming care and does not shed much at all. While a Glen of Imaal Terrier may drool on occasion they are not heavy droolers.

All in all, Glen of Imaal Terriers are strong, scruffy looking, low-strung canines that are no-fuss working farm dogs. Yet, they are cute in their own right and make wonderful family pets.

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Glen Of Imaal Terrier Breeders in 3 States