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Japanese Akitainu Breed Information

Imposing, powerful, strong, aloof, independent… these are just some of the words that are regularly used to describe a Japanese Akitainu, which is an ancient dog breed that originated in Japan. These are fearless and courageous dogs that have a dignified and calm temperament. Japanese Akitainus are very loyal and affectionate with family members but suspicious of strangers.

If you’re not sure whether a Japanese Akitainu would be a good choice of dog breed for your family and lifestyle, please read on. The following breed information on Japanese Akitainus will help you decide.

In terms of size, Japanese Akitainus are medium to large sized dogs, standing 22-28 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 55-75 pounds. The Japanese Akitainu is smaller and lighter than its American cousin. The average lifespan of a Japanese Akitainu is 10-12 years.

Personality wise, Japanese Akitainus are moderately playful but tend to be somewhat aloof. This is not a breed that is overly affectionate or lovey-dovey, and it is therefore a good choice for people who want an independent dog. A Japanese Akitainu can do reasonably well with young children. However, this is not a breed that gets along well with other dogs at home or in public. In general, Japanese Akitainus do best when they are the only pet in the family.

Japanese Akitainus are very reserved with strangers and tend to remain aloof and suspicious until their owner introduces them. They are highly vigilant by nature and have an inherent protective instinct, which makes Japanese Akitainus excellent watchdogs. This is a breed that can adapt to some changes in routine but they are not highly adaptable. These dogs adapt very well to cold weather.

It can be challenging to train a Japanese Akitainu because this dog is self-willed and independent. However, an experienced person can train a Japanese Akitainu with gentle but firm and consistent training methods. Training sessions should be short and varied as Japanese Akitainus are easily bored with repetitive tasks. Training is important because Japanese Akitainus have a high prey drive and can be aggressive towards other dogs. Training can help keep these traits to a minimum.

In terms of exercise needs, Japanese Akitainus have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Regular walks are a great way for these dogs to burn energy. A fenced yard is ideal where a Japanese Akitainu can freely run around. Japanese Akitainus make wonderful companions for hikers and campers. The barking level of a Japanese Akitainu is moderate.

The Japanese Akitainu has a thick, medium length, double coat that requires a gentle brushing every few days in terms of grooming care. The undercoat “blows” twice a year and you can expect to find hair everywhere. On some days it might feel like you have enough hair to build another dog! The good news is that Japanese Akitainus are not heavy droolers.

Overall, the Japanese Akitainu is a strikingly handsome dog with a foxy appearance. This a physically agile and mentally sharp dog that is calm and quiet at home, but can become dominant if not properly trained. Japanese Akitainus are powerful dogs that can be willful and therefore need owners who have some experience with dogs.

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Japanese Akitainu Breeders in 1 States

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