Japanese Chin Breeders in 11 States

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Japanese Chin Breed Information

Originally bred as a companion to Chinese and Japanese royalty, the Japanese Chin is a toy breed that has a 1000-year-old history. Today, Japanese Chins are beloved pets and make charming and loving family companions, retaining somewhat of an aristocratic bearing as a remnant of their heritage.

If you are considering bringing home a Japanese Chin puppy, please read the following dog breed information. It will help you decide if a Japanese Chin would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

In terms of size, Japanese Chins are small dogs, standing 8-11 inches tall and weighing under 11 pounds. The average lifespan of a Japanese Chin is 10-12 years.

Japanese Chins are moderately playful and extremely affectionate with family members. They do reasonably well with young children. Japanese Chins get along famously well with other dogs. Proper socialization is necessary, as with all breeds, to ensure a well-mannered and well-adjusted adult Japanese Chin.

Japanese Chins tend to be somewhat reserved with strangers but are not aggressive. They make reasonably good watchdogs. This is a very adaptable breed that can easily adjust to changing routines. Japanese Chins are an excellent choice of dog breed for apartment dwellers and novice pet parents. They tolerate cold weather moderately well but hot weather less well.

It is not very challenging to train a Japanese Chin. These dogs were bred, after all, to charm and amuse their royal owners. Reward-based methods work best and a gentle but firm and consistent approach is recommended. Training is necessary as this is a mouthy breed with a tendency to bark and a moderate prey drive. A well-trained Japanese Chin is less likely to be mouthy, noisy, or unbiddable.

Japanese Chins have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. A leisurely walk around the block or a small fenced yard for playtime is usually sufficient. Japanese Chins should always be kept on leash when outside. These dogs will bark on occasion but are not extremely vocal or noisy.

The Japanese Chin has a medium length silky coat that looks high maintenance but is surprisingly fuss-free. It requires only a weekly brushing and occasional bath. Japanese Chins are fastidious and almost cat-like in that they like to clean themselves. The coat sheds a bit though. Japanese Chins are not heavy droolers.

Overall, the Japanese Chin is a compact dog with a luxurious silky coat and noble appearance. These dogs are alert and amusing companions and make wonderful pets for indoorsy folks that want a small, graceful, and generally docile pet.

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Japanese Chin Breeders in 11 States