Kerry Blue Terrier Breeders in 10 States

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Kerry Blue Terrier Breed Information

Originally from County Kerry in Ireland where it was bred to hunt small game and herd livestock, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a working dog that makes a wonderful lively, smart, and alert family pet and companion.

If you want to know more about this breed, please continue reading. The following Kerry Blue Terrier breed information will help you decide if this dog would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Standing 17-20 inches tall and weighing around 35-40 pounds, Kerry Blue Terriers are medium sized dogs with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Kerry Blue Terriers are highly affectionate pooches and quite playful too. They do well with young children in that they are tolerant of children’s behaviors and patient with young ones. However, Kerry Blue Terriers can have problems getting along with other dogs, especially if they were not properly socialized as puppies.

While moderately open to strangers, Kerry Blue Terriers have a very strong protective nature and territorial instinct and therefore make excellent watchdogs who will warm their family of intruders.

This breed can adapt reasonably well to changes in routine. Kerry Blue Terriers are a reasonably good choice for apartment dwellers, but novice pet owners may want to consider other breeds. This breed tolerates cold weather very well but can also adapt to warmer climates.

Kerry Blue Terriers are neither very strong willed not overly easy to please. Early training sessions as a puppy are necessary to ensure that a Kerry Blue Terrier grows into a well-mannered and well-adjusted adult dog.

Prospective owners of a Kerry Blue Terrier should know that this dog has moderate to high energy levels and mental stimulation needs. They enjoy a play session or walk and then love to get comfortable on the couch. Keeping a Kerry Blue Terrier busy and engaged is key to preventing undesirable behaviors. Also, prospective owners should know that these dogs are quite vocal and have a loud, almost intimidating bark.

The Kerry Blue Terrier’s wavy medium-length coat requires a thorough weekly brushing and a full grooming every 6-8 weeks to stay matt-free. Owners also need to learn how to trim a Kerry Blue Terrier. The coat does not shed much, however, and these dogs are not heavy droolers though they may drool on occasion.

In summary, Kerry Blue Terriers were originally farm dogs and make wonderful family companions. They have an eye-catching coat in shades of blue and gray and a muscular, sturdy body with a spiffy beard, V-shaped ears, expressive eyes, and a characteristic mop of hair.

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Kerry Blue Terrier Breeders in 10 States