Kuvasz Breeders in 6 States

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Kuvasz Breed Information

Originally developed in Hungary to guard livestock, the Kuvasz (pronounced Koo-vaz, plural Kuvaszok pronounced koo-vah-zock) is a large dog that is loyal, brave, protective, and sweet natured. However, new pet parents may find this breed slightly challenging to handle, given the large size and exercise needs. If you want to find out more information about Kuvaszok, please continue reading.

In terms of size, Kuvaszok are 26-30 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 70 to 115 pounds. The average lifespan of a Kuvasz is 10-12 years.

Kuvaszok are quite playful and highly affectionate with family members. This is not the best choice of breed for families with young kids. These dogs can be reasonably patient and tolerant of young children and get along well with other dogs with the proper socialization. Nonetheless, young kids must always be supervised around dogs, especially given the Kuvasz’s large size.

A Kuvasz can be quite suspicious of strangers, and for this reason, they make excellent watchdogs. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changing routines. Kuvaszok are not a great choice of breed for apartment dwellers or first-time pet parents. Also, Kuvaszok are highly sensitive and do no tolerate being alone. This breed adapts to cold weather extremely well, but not hot climates.

Novice pet owners may find it slightly challenging to train a Kuvasz, but these dogs are highly intelligent and trainable in the hands of someone with experience. Kuvaszok have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. These are working dogs and need some physical activity every day to remain happy and healthy. You should know that they can bark at moderate levels as well.

The Kuvasz has a white, medium length, luxurious double coat that is low maintenance, requiring only a weekly brushing. It sheds a fair bit, however. Kuvaszok may drool on occasion but are not heavy droolers.

In summary, the Kuvasz is smart, hardworking, beautiful looking dog that moves gracefully like a wolf and makes a wonderfully loyal and protective family pet. If you think a Kuvasz would be the perfect dog for your family, get in touch with reputable and responsible Kuvasz breeders on Puppy Hero today.

Kuvasz Breeders in 6 States