Leonberger Breeders in 6 States

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Leonberger Breed Information

Leonbergers are a mix between Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, and Newfoundlands. They are large and powerful dogs with a somewhat intimidating lion-like appearance. This is a breed that needs lots of exercise and space, but for the right family and lifestyle, Leonbergers can make loving, gentle, friendly, and playful pets. If you are interested in bringing home a Leonberger, here’s some important information about this breed that you should know.

Belonging to the AKC’s Working Group, Leonbergers are jumbo-sized dogs that stand 25-31 inches tall on average and weigh upwards of 70 pounds and up to 110 pounds. The average lifespan of a Leonberger is 7 years. A Leonberger has a characteristic black masked face, a luxurious coat, a bushy tail, and erect ears.

Leonbergers are very affectionate with family members, quite playful, and do very well with young kids. However, given their large size, these dogs should always be supervised around very young children who may get knocked over during play. Leonbergers can get along with other dogs provided they receive early socialization as puppies to a range of people, dogs, and other animals in various settings.

A Leonberger will be open towards strangers but has a protective instinct towards family members and makes a reasonably good watchdog. This is an adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in schedule, noise levels, weather, etc. However, this breed is not suitable for people who live in apartments or small houses. Leonbergers adapt very well to cold weather given their thick coat, but don’t do well in hot weather. This breed can be quite mouthy and has a moderate to high prey drive.

Leonbergers are eager to please and intelligent and it is therefore quite easy to train them. However, given that they are massive and strong, they need an experienced dog handler. Therefore, this is not the breed for first-time pet parents.

These dogs are easily bored and have moderate to high mental stimulation needs. They are working dogs and do best if they have an activity or job to do. Leonbergers have moderate energy levels and do need vigorous daily physical exercise to stay healthy and happy. Leonbergers do especially well with owners who like to go jogging, biking, or hiking. This breed has a moderate barking tendency, and while not overly vocal, will bark on occasion.

The Leonberger’s long, lush, waterproof, double coat sheds a lot throughout the year and even more so during shedding season. The coat requires frequent grooming sessions, especially in mat-prone areas like behind the ears and legs. Also, these dogs can drool a fair amount.

All in all, Leonbergers are gentle giants with a serene temperament. Their massive and powerful appearance belies a graceful, elegant demeanor. Want to bring home your very own gorgeous Leonberger? You’ve come to the right place! Puppy Hero has the contact information for reputable Leonberger breeders so that you can be sure you’re bringing home a happy, healthy Leonberger puppy that was raised with love and attention.

Leonberger Breeders in 6 States