Manchester Terrier Breeders in 9 States

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Manchester Terrier Breed Information

Lively, spirited, bright, and alert… that’s the Manchester Terrier for you in a nutshell. Originally bred in Manchester, England as a ratter and rabbit courser, this dog, also called a Gentleman’s Terrier in Victorian England, is now a beloved family pet the world over.

If you are considering bringing home a Manchester Terrier puppy, please read the following important breed information. It will help you decide if a Manchester Terrier will be a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

Manchester Terriers are small to medium-sized dogs, standing 15-16 inches tall and weighing around 12-22 pounds. They come in two sizes – toy (under 12 pounds) and standard (under 22 pounds). The toy size is called the English Toy Terrier in England. This is a long-lived breed. The average lifespan of a Manchester Terrier is 15-17 years.

In terms of family life and personality, Manchester Terriers are very affectionate with family members. They are tolerant of children’s behaviors and patient with young kids. Manchester Terriers can get along well with other dogs provided they receive early socialization with other animals when they are puppies.

While quite open to strangers and very playful, Manchester Terriers retain a strong terrier instinct. They have a protective and territorial nature and make good watchdogs.

This is an adaptable breed that can do well with busy families that have changing routines. Manchester Terriers do exceptionally well with families that live in an apartment. They are a reasonably good choice for novice pet owners. Manchester Terriers can tolerate warm climates but do not do so well in cold climates. They have a strong prey drive and wanderlust potential and must be kept in a fenced yard and on leash when outdoors.

Because Manchester Terriers are eager to please and intelligent, they are easy to train with reward-based methods. Training sessions should be varied and fun with lots of praise for obedience.

Prospective owners of a Manchester Terrier should know that this is a high-energy breed with moderate to high mental stimulation needs. Vigorous play or a good long walk every day will ensure that a Manchester Terrier will be relaxed and calm when indoors. Also, prospective owners should be aware that Manchester Terriers can be quite vocal and bark quite a lot.

Manchester Terriers have a short smooth coat that comes in rich mahogany and black colors. It does not shed a great deal and does not require much grooming care. These dogs are pretty much “wash and wear” and are not heavy droolers either.

In summary, Manchester Terriers are sleek, energetic, bright, and fearless canine companions that have many of the classic terrier characteristics. If you want to bring home a Manchester Terrier puppy, check out listings of reputable and responsible Manchester Terriers on Puppy Hero.

Manchester Terrier Breeders in 9 States