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Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Information

Bull Terriers were originally bred as fighting dogs and later became popular as gentleman’s companions. The Miniature Bull Terrier is a smaller-sized version of this dog and is loved as a funny, mischievous, and alert family pet.

If you are thinking of bringing home a Miniature Bull Terrier, here’s some important information about the breed that will help you decide if it is a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

In terms of size, Miniature Bull Terriers, which belong to the AKC’s Terrier Group, are 10-14 inches tall and 18-28 pounds in weight. The average life expectancy of a Miniature Bull Terrier is 11-13 years.

Miniature Bull Terriers are quite playful and very affectionate with family members. These dogs do reasonably well with young kids and other dogs, provided they receive early socialization with children and other animals in a variety of settings as puppies.

A Miniature Bull Terrier will be neither excessively suspicious of strangers not overly friendly. This breed makes a good watchdog and is quite adaptable too. However, prospective owners of Miniature Bull Terriers should know that they are very vocal and bark quite a lot. Training a Miniature Bull Terrier requires firm, yet gentle guidance and a lot of patience. These dogs are intelligent, curious, and eager to please, but they do not respond well to harsh methods.

Miniature Bull Terriers have moderate to high energy levels and need regular daily physical exercise. MBTs are easily bored and must be kept mentally stimulated to keep them out of trouble. However, it’s important not to do overdo it while a Miniature Bull Terrier puppy is still growing.

The Miniature Bull Terrier’s short smooth coat is fuss-free, requiring occasional brushings, approximately once a week. The coat does not shed excessively either. Miniature Bull Terriers are not heavy droolers. They do have fast-growing nails that need to be clipped or grinded regularly.

In summary, Miniature Bull Terriers are a smaller version of Bull Terriers. They are muscular looking dogs that are amusing, high spirited, and full of mischief, and can provide endless entertainment.

If you can’t wait to bring home an adorable Miniature Bull Terrier, check out listings of reputable and responsible MBT breeders on Puppy Hero. We pre-screen all breeders so you can be sure you’re bringing home a happy, healthy Miniature Bull Terrier.

Miniature Bull Terrier Breeders in 18 States


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