Pekingese Breeders in 15 States

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Pekingese Dog Breed Information

In olden times, Pekingese dogs were cherished companions of Chinese royalty. Today, these dogs are loving, dignified, and graceful family pets, adored by families around the world.

If you are considering bringing home a Pekingese puppy, here’s some important breed information you should know.

In terms of size, Pekingese are small dogs, standing 6-9 inches tall on average and weighing under 14 pounds. The average lifespan of a Pekingese is 12-14 years.

This is an affectionate and playful breed that does reasonably well with young children and other dogs. However, Pekingese cannot tolerate too much roughhousing, which is not surprising given that they are small in size and were bred to live aristocratic lives in palaces.

Pekingese are adaptable and can adjust to changes in schedule. A Pekingese dog will be moderately open to strangers but not overly friendly. These dogs are protective in nature and make good watchdogs even though they are not very vocal and don’t bark much at all.

It is relatively easy to train a Pekingese with reward-based methods. These dogs have moderate energy levels and mental stimulation needs. They are suitable for laidback individuals and families and apartment dwellers due to their modest exercise needs and small size. Novice owners can consider getting a Pekingese.

Pekingese dogs have a long double coat that sheds seasonally and needs a fair amount of maintenance with at least one hour of brushing every week to get mats and tangles out. They are not big droolers.

In summary, if you’re looking for a sophisticated and graceful dog with an almost regal appearance and a friendly, outgoing personality, consider the Pekingese. This is a small dog with a characteristic lion’s mane and a luxurious coat that comes in various shades of red and gold. Pekingese are smart, confident companions that form close bonds with their humans and make good guard dogs too.

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Pekingese Breeders in 15 States