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Plott Hound Breed Information

Originally developed in North Carolina as a pack hunting dog by wild boar and bear hunters, the Plott Hound is today an intelligent, loyal, and active canine companion that does best in homes that have at least one other dog.

In terms of size, Plott Hounds, which belong to the AKC’s Hound Group, are medium sized dogs, standing 20-25 inches tall and weighing 40-60 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Plott Hound is 12-14 years.

In terms of personality, Plott Hounds are fierce and rugged hunting dogs with tireless energy and extraordinary stamina, but they are generally mellow and calm at home. Given these characteristics, however, this is not a good choice of dog breed for apartment dwellers or novice dog parents. Plott Hounds are quite sensitive and do not do well if left alone for long periods. This breed can tolerate hot weather very well but not cold weather too well. Plott Hounds are moderately friendly towards strangers. They are best suited to families with older kids and multiple dogs given their pack hound heritage.

Plott Hounds have a smooth, glossy coat that is low-maintenance, requiring just a weekly brushing and occasional baths. The coat does not shed much either.

Prospective owners of Plott Hounds should know however that these are high energy dogs that need plenty of exercise outdoors. They love to chase and explore and need to be in a yard with a high fence due to their high wanderlust potential and strong prey drive. Daily vigorous play sessions or long walks are the order of the day with this active, athletic breed. A Plott Hound should always be kept on leash when outdoors because this dog has a very strong prey drive.

While loving and affectionate and highly intelligent, training a Plott Hound can be somewhat challenging given that these dogs are slightly aloof and not overly eager to please. Keeping a Plott Hound mentally stimulated with a variety of activities is necessary to keep him or her out of trouble. Also, prospective owners should know that this is a dog breed with a loud high-pitched bark.

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Plott Hound Breeders in 1 States

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