Pointer Breeders in 12 States

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Pointer Breed Information

Pointers were originally bred to hunt or “point” small game like rabbits and birds with their keen sense of smell. They are also loyal and loving house pets with an agreeable temperament and therefore make wonderful family pets.

If you are looking for Pointer puppies for sale, here’s some important information you should know about this breed.

In terms of size, Pointers are medium-sized dogs, standing 23-28 inches tall on average and weighing around 45-70 pounds. They are long-lived with an average lifespan of 12-17 years. Pointers are sleek, graceful-looking dogs with a long head and pointed tail.

Pointers are highly affectionate with family members and get along very well with other dogs. This breed can do well with young children provided there is early socialization. A Pointer must be exposed to kids as a puppy in a variety of settings to ensure a well-adjusted adult.

While playful and quite open with strangers, Pointers do have moderately strong protective instincts and can make reasonably good watchdogs. They are an adaptable breed that can adjust to changes in routine. Pointers do better in warm weather more than cold weather. However, given their exercise needs, this is not a breed that’s suitable for apartment dwellers. Novice pet owners might want to choose another breed. Pointers have a strong prey drive and wanderlust instinct as well as high energy levels and therefore may not be easy to handle for someone who doesn’t have experience with dogs.

Pointers are very eager to please and are working dogs, so they are trainable. They have moderate to high energy levels and mental stimulation needs and moderate barking levels. This breed is agile and fast and an excellent companion for runners.

The Pointer’s short, smooth, glossy coat is pretty much fuss-free in terms of grooming care but can shed a fair bit. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

In summary, Pointers are powerful, graceful dogs that are sturdy and energetic. They make excellent companions for active or sporty individuals who can meet their need for vigorous play sessions or long walks. Daily regular exercise is necessary for Pointers to ensure they are calm and contended companions when indoors.

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Pointer Breeders in 12 States