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Portuguese Podengo Breed Information

This is a purebred hunting dog from Portugal that comes in three sizes. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (small) is 8-12 inches tall and weighs 9-13 pounds, the Portuguese Podengo Medio (medium) is 16-21 inches tall and weighs 35-44 pounds, and the Portuguese Podengo Grande (large) is 22-28 inches tall and weighs 44-66 pounds. The Portuguese Podengo Medio was bred to hunt rabbits while the Portuguese Podengo Grande was bred to hunt larger animals like deer and boar. The three sizes are not interbred.

In terms of personality, Portuguese Podengos are alert and intelligent dogs that are extremely affectionate but retain some independence. They are very playful and relaxed and do exceptionally well with young children, making for patient and tolerant playmates. Portuguese Podengos also get along very well with other dogs. Proper socialization as puppies is key, however, as with all breeds.

A Portuguese Podengo will be neither overly suspicious nor overly friendly with strangers. These dogs make moderately good watchdogs. Portuguese Podengos are very adaptable to changing routines. This is a good choice of breed for apartment dwellers as they adapt well to city life. Novice dog parents can consider a Portuguese Podengo. This breed tolerates hot weather moderately well and cold weather a little less well.

It can be challenging to train a Portuguese Podengo since these dogs are somewhat independent by nature. However, they are very intelligent and respond well to firm, yet gentle and consistent training exercises.

Prospective owners should know that Portuguese Podengos have high energy levels and mental stimulation needs. Portuguese Podengos are happy to play by themselves, which is again a testament to their independent nature. The barking level of a Portuguese Podengo is moderate to high. They have a high prey drive and must be trained appropriately to make them biddable.

The Portuguese Podengo’s medium length smooth or wiry coat requires careful occasional brushing in terms of grooming care. The coat can shed a fair amount and tends to shed in sections. These dogs are not heavy droolers.

Overall, Portuguese Podengos are active, playful, intelligent companions that can be somewhat independent and challenging to train. This is a rustic, no frills, low maintenance breed that has pretty much maintained its original characteristics since it was first introduced from Portugal to the rest of the world.

If you think a Portuguese Podengo would be the ideal pet for your family, get in touch with reputable and responsible breeders on Puppy Hero. We personally verify each breeder to ensure you’re getting your new four-legged friend from a trusted source.

Portuguese Podengo Breeders in 1 States

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