Pug Breeders in 36 States

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Pug Breed Information

Pugs are some of the most mischievous and charming dogs you’ll find in the canine world. These loving dogs not only look adorable but have a disposition to match. Pugs are very affectionate with family and do exceedingly well with young children. They get along reasonably well with other dogs.

The royal connection of this breed can be traced in more than one country. Pugs are mascots of the Dutch Royal House of Orange and were beloved companions of Chinese emperors. In modern-day America, Pugs make excellent family pets on account of their curious, mischievous, happy nature. They are the ideal house dogs and adapt well to both city living and country life. The adorable wrinkled face, sparkling eyes, and glossy coat make Pugs instantly lovable.

In terms of size, Pugs are 10-13 inches in height and 14-18 pounds in weight on average. The life expectancy for this breed is 13-15 years. Standard colors in Pugs are black and fawn.

If you are looking for Pug puppies for sale, keep in mind that this is a flat-faced breed, so these dogs do well in moderate climates – neither too warm nor too cold.

Pugs have a short, shiny coat that needs a weekly brushing to remove loose hair. Unless a Pug gets particularly messy or starts developing a doggy odor, you won’t need to give this dog a bath.

This a breed with low exercise needs. Pugs are happy to hang on the couch with you all day. They also love food, so obesity can be a problem in Pugs. That’s why it’s important to include moderate amounts of exercise in your Pug’s daily routine and limit the number of table scraps and treats you give him.

Again, as mentioned, Pugs are not tolerant of hot weather and you should avoid strenuous exercise outdoors when the sun is high in the sky.

Pugs are relatively easy to train since they are eager to please their owners. This a charming breed that has a stable temperament, and with the proper training, most adult Pugs are very well behaved.

Pug Breeders in 36 States